The Project main Results

IO1 - Handbook

How to use art in anti-bullying activities for children? This handbook explores bullying and its impact on the children from a different perspective: Bullies, victims, bystanders and invites teachers to use imaginative and creative methods of arts, literacy, and theatre in anti-bullying activities.

IO2 - E-Learning Course

Art against bullying contain education materials and tools for teachers about working with children involved in anti-bullying activities. Each lesson is presented with easy to follow step-by-step directions, including clearly defined goals and objectives;

Chapter 1

Exploration of bullying and its impact on children

Chapter 2

Short and long term effects of bullying

Chapter 3

Effective communication with students: creating a positive classroom climate.

Chapter 4

Drama methods against bullying

Chapter 5

Plastic art methods against bullying

Chapter 6

Digital art methods against bullying

IO3 - Learning Material

“The shorts story of bulling – the experience of being bullied seeing through bullied children eyes” – Learning materials for teachers serve as educational material in anti-discrimination and anti-bullying education. It empowers those who have experiences of being bullied by telling their stories through the language of art and emotions. We want to change the role of bullied children from victim to expert in the field of bullying. The experience of being bullied tell in the form of comics can explain, in the most effective way the core of bullying to other children.