About Project

General Aim of the Project

The project relates to the “reduction in ESL rates” priority, seeking to address barriers to achievement faced by targets and perpetrators of bullying; as both, these groups can subsequently become early school leavers. Pupils have the right to enjoy their school life and acquire knowledge and skills that will set them on the path to success. High levels of bullying in school have a devastating effect on academic achievement and emotional wellbeing both for the perpetrators and targets. A child who is bullied at school is not likely to look forward to going to school because of not wanting to be and humiliated in front of other children, while perpetrators are at risk of exclusion from school and subsequent contact with the criminal justice system. Early School Leaving (ESL) has been recognized as a key factor in social exclusion.

This project seeks to provide a needed practical resource for teachers, education providers, and targets to address the issue of ESL by tackling the barriers presented by bullying; tying in with the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth; which was adopted in June 2010 by European heads of state and governments. This project aim is to make a contribution to the efforts already made to combat bullying by applying the methodologies of school education with creative arts, fun, and enjoyment as key characteristics, in order to provide an effective solution to bullying. We will achieve this objective through:


Develop educational and support materials for teachers and other groups involved in preventing and combating school bullying using arts and creative learning methodologies. (Handbook)

E-learning Course

Develop and pilot a comprehensive learning platform for the teachers. (E-learning Course).

Learning material

Create a space for sharing bullying experiences for children and youth, which will become a source of knowledge about the phenomenon for a whole group of recipients like teachers, parents, NGOs. (Learning material).

Project Gallery

Kickoff meeting in Krakow (Poland)

2nd SC meeting in Lamia (Greece)